Corporate Social Responsibility
BCPL being a committed corporate citizen strives to uplift the life of general populace in and around its installation. The company has undertaken various socially relevant initiatives like construction of roads, community halls, installations of transformers, providing training,construction of toilets etc. The company believes in wholesome growth of the society and promotes community development through its CSR programmes.

  • BCPL will follow responsible business practice in all its functions and operations and encourage its contractors, suppliers, dealers, agencies involved in the execution of the project and other business partners to do the same.
  • BCPL will seek to identify socially useful programmes and strategic initiatives which will be undertaken on long term basis.
  • BCPL will attempt to constantly improve environment protection and energy conservation at its operational facilities and their surroundings.
  • BCPL is committed towards the welfare of the communities around its operations to improve quality of life as a whole and will support the community during natural calamities.
CSR Projects under financial year 2023-24
CSR Projects under financial year 2022-23
CSR Projects under financial year 2021-22
CSR Projects under financial year 2020-21
CSR Projects under financial year 2015-16

1. Development of drainage system in the Barbaruah area , Dibrugarh
2. Intensive Skill Development Training on Plastic Processing Machine Operations at CIPET Guwahati
3. Supply of electric power to Kotoha Salmari 53 No. FS Grant Village, Dibrugarh
4. Construction of Assam Type museum building at Sukapha Bhawan Premises, Dibrugarh
5. Development works of Playground at Naojan Village, Dibrugarh
6. Road repairing of Madhupur Binoygutia Road, Dibrugarh
7. Infrastructural Development at Schools of Duliajan, Dibrugarh
8. Community Sanitary Block and IHHL in Charaideu G.P, Lakwa , Sivasagar
9. Pig Rearing Centre at Demow, Sivasagar
10. Distribution of essential commodities towards the flood affected people residing near BCPL installations.

Total Cost : Rs 97,86,090/- (Ninety Seven Lacs Eighty Six Thousand and Ninety).

CSR Projects under financial year 2014-15

1. Construction of Binoygutia to Dewanbari Road in PWD Moran Rural Road Sub Division under PWD Rural Road Division , Dibrugarh
2. Establishment of Reverse osmosis water treatment plant at Chiring Gaon Pipe Water Supply Scheme Under Chiring Dainijan Gaon Panchayat , Dibrugarh
3. Construction of Girls’ Toilets in four Government Schools around BCPL Project.
4. Installation of street lights on highway covering Barbaruah town, Dibrugarh
5. Development of drainage system in the Barbaruah area, Dibrugarh
6. Vocational and Skill development project for 100 rural women , Barbarua, Dibrugarh
7. Construction of Community Hall at Lalmati, Dibrugarh.

Total Expenditure: Rs. 90,07,190/- ( Ninety Lacs Seven Thousand One Hundred and Ninety )

CSR Projects under financial year 2013-14

1. Construction of Boundary wall on the land for the proposed Jagannath Cultural Complex at Mancotta-Khanikar Village, Dibrugarh
2. Contribution towards relief and rehabilitation activities in the flood affected area of Uttrakhand
3. Development works at Shantivan, Moran Samshanghat, Moran
4. Construction of Public Library at Jamirah, Dibrugarh
5. Installation of HTW ( drinking water facility) near Phool Bagan, Dibrugarh
6. Construction of Tea Tribe Cultural Centre, Lepetkata, Dibrugarh
7. Construction of a Computer Room at Naholia, Duliajan
8. Construction of Crematorium at Lepetkata Kachari Gaon, Dibrugarh
9. Construction of building for Sodou Axom Lekhika Samaroh Samity, Dibrugarh
10. Public Utility at DC’s Office, Dibrugarh
11. Construction Jokai Bongaon 31 Gharia Path, Dibrugarh
12. Purchase of Automatic Offset Printing Machine for Prerona Pratibandhi, Dibrugarh
13. Purchase of one vehicle Towing Van for traffic control, Dibrugarh
14. Supply of one Desktop Computer for Dibrugarh Judo Association, Dibrugarh

Total Expenditure: Rs. 97,00,000/- ( Ninety Seven Lacs)

CSR Projects under financial year 2012-13

1. Construction of 2.30 KMs Road for Part II, (Chainage 1250.00- 2300.00 Meters) at Kakotigaon, Dibrugarh
2. Construction of 02(Two) rooms at Urban Dispensary , Dibrugarh
3. Construction of 02(Two) additional class rooms for weaving centre and earth filling at Moran Blind School, Dibrugarh.
4. Augmentation of existing 11/0.43KV/100KVA Sub- Station to 250 KVA at Lepetkata Bongali Gaon, Dibrugarh.
5. Renovation of Historical Graveyard at Maijan, Dibrugarh.
6. Providing 3 Computers and other infrastructural development at Do omurdullong Tea Estate, Sivasagar

Total Expenditure: Rs. 94,67,476/- ( Ninety Four Lacs Sixty Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Seventy Six)

CSR Projects under financial year 2011-12

1. Construction of Crematorium at Kakotigaon, Dibrugarh
2. Construction of 2.30 KMs Road Part I , (Chainage 00.00-1250.00 Meters) at Kakotigaon, Dibrugarh
3. Construction of 5 Seated Sulabh Toilet Complex , DC office, Dibrugarh

Total Expenditure: Rs. 66,81,997/- ( Sixty Six Lacs Eighty One Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Seven)

CSR Projects under financial year 2010-11

1. Installation of 100 KVA Transformer and augmentation of the existing power supply at Kakotigaon, Dibrugarh.
2. Construction of 1.85 Kilometers Road at Dainijan Village, Dibrugarh
3. Survey of 35 schools situated in and around BCPL project site for need assessment.

Total Expenditure: Rs, 26,87,242/- ( Twenty Six Lacs Eighty Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Forty Two)

Composition of Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Board
Sl. No. Name of Director Designation / Nature of Directorship
1 Shri Bhaskar Jyoti Phukan Director, BCPL, Chairman
2 Shri Pranjal Changmai Managing Director, BCPL, Member
3 Shri Pruthiviraj Dash Director (Finance), BCPL, Member
4 Dr. Raman Kumar Trivedi Independent Director, BCPL Member