BCPL reaches out to the flood affected victims of Dibrugarh
Date :- 29-07-2016

Lepetkata, 29th July 2016 The situation in Assam is quite alarming as incessant rain and the rivers have swollen and inundated the villages. Thousands of people in the Dibrugarh District have been adversely affected as a result of this natural calamity. The nearby villages of the BCPL plant have also been inundated due to the rise of the river water level due to incessant rainfall from the last few days. So the management of BCPL has decided to contribute by distributing essential commodities towards the flood affected persons residing near the BCPL plant installations.

On 27th July 2016, BCPL arranged for distribution of food items, mosquito coils, candles etc to the flood affected victims in the Relief Camps near BCPL Plant, Lepetkata. This intiative has been taken by BCPL Management with a view to help the local people in such difficult circumstances.